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TUNING - The tuning of your piano changes for many reasons. It is important to keep your piano in tune rather than wait for it to go out of tune if you want to get the best out of it!

VOICING - If you want the tone/character of your piano to sound different, this is made possible by manipulating the hammer felt to get the desired effect.

REGULATION - Your piano is made up of thousands of small parts. It is Important that they are all adjusted correctly and evenly to allow your piano to feel nice to play.

SERVICING - It is advisable to have your piano serviced every now and again to correct any wear to parts that may have worn and to minimise excessive wear of any parts in the future.

All 4 areas have a direct effect on each other and unless all areas are fairly close to being correct, it can make it very difficult to achieve good results all round.
Tuning gives you a true picture of the tone, but it is tough to get an even tone if your piano is not regulated correctly. If your piano needs servicing, your hammers will be worn. This make it difficult to get a good tone, no matter how good the tuning. You will also have sticky, grinding parts which will make it difficult to get good regulation. And so on.....

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